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Writing? What kind of writing?

Creative concept and treatments
• Film & video
• Ad copy
• Brochures
• Exhibit panels
• Websites
• Business Plans
• Tag lines, titles, slogans & catch phrases


Three words sum up our writing.
Smart. Heart. Art.

Smart: We listen to our clients, taking it all in. And in doing this, we've become experienced in diverse fields, such as: history ... science ... medicine ... the arts ... hospitality industry ... law ... manufacturing ... sales ... Our broad history shows we are capable of rendering your story accurately and of expressing your message effectively.

Heart: Finding the "heart" of a client's message is only half of the task. The other half is infusing our clients' stories with genuine feeling and make their message inspire positive action. These two elements combine into whole-hearted writing.

Art: We imbue our projects with creativity to win and keep your target audience's attention. Example: American Air Filter International asked us to create a video celebrating their 90th anniversary, and they wanted it to be fun. How fun is the history of air filters? As the spokesperson/narrator for this program, we created AIR herself, who spoke with both authority and affection. (Check it out!)



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