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Audio Samples


Multi-track Ambient Soundscapes

National Museum of American Jewish History: Ellis Island, 1900

C.H.Wright Museum of African-American History: Ancient African City

Cahokia Indian Mounds State Historic Site: Daytime Cahokia ca. 1,000 A.D.


Voiced Excerpts from History or Literature

International Game Fishing Museum: Dame Juliana's A Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle (1496)

Liberty Memorial Museum: Poetry of World War I: In Flanders Fields

Gettysburg Battlefield Museum: Gettysburg Address


Dramatic Recreations

Birmingham Civil RIghts Institute: The Boycott

National Afro-American Museum: The Barbershop

Maker's Mark Visitor Center: Telephone Scenes

Object Theater

Farmington House Museum

Museum of World Religions: Corridor of the Great Questions


Audio Documentaries and Historical Montage

Kentucky Derby Museum: Seattle Slew

National Infantry Museum: The Gathering Storm

Louisville Slugger Museum: The Bat Boys



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